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Should we be relying on the “government” to provide for things we should be paying for???

Posted on : 24-07-2009 | By : The Wife | In : Money, Political Thoughts

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Let’s see… how many people “really” need WIC or foodstamps?  If we treated our inability to take care of our families as the #1 priority in our lives that we “say” they are, we’d be doing everything possible to provide for them, including taking on 2-3-4 jobs, selling the majority of our possessions to provide food and shelter, discontinue our cell phones, our internet, our cable/satellite TV, not take on (or get rid of) car payments, etc.

The fact is, we don’t really treat providing for our family as our #1 priority.  I’ve seen families take on as many money making things as possible to provide, even to the point of one of the family members getting as few as 2-4 hours sleep a night just in order to provide for the family through jobs, odd jobs, part-time work, etc.

I’ve seen families prepare for the inevitable disaster by not buying all of the so-called “necessities” in life (you know the things: movies, tv’s, dvd players, stereo’s, internet, computers, cable/satellite, cell phones, books, stuff to have stuff, etc.) and making sure they had “shored up” just a little to cover in case of that upcoming emergency.

We personally have gotten so “tight” financially that we wouldn’t even buy a cup of coffee at times.  If we needed to be with people in public places we’d just not buy something, it was that simple.   We are watching our pennies so closely now that we are being ultra careful… things such as an $8 business lunch are out of the question.  No it’s not convenient, but it can be done and with a little bit of work and organization, it works out just fine. We’ve given up many things and continue to do so in order that we do not become dependent upon someone or something else.

I’m constantly hearing all of the “reasons” people are receiving public assistance and in every single case they could have made choices prior to the assistance to change the need for assistance.  In most cases, they could be off the assistance quickly, but choose to continue to receive anything they can get. Why aren’t people working harder to change their circumstances while they are on assistance?

Do we realize the impact of this? The cost to society? The intent on this dependancy being created by the ones creating the “assistance” programs? We need to get off our butts and start really taking care of ourselves and our families.  Unfortunately, our country is moving into the opposite direction and has been for over 50 years (it’s all political parties, not just one).  It’s sad… in a few decades people will be so dependant upon the government to provide for them that they’ll essentially be “fat and happy” and the “government” will do whatever they want, because they’ve created a society of dependancy.

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