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I paid $1.71 for all of this food…

Posted on : 29-09-2009 | By : The Wife | In : Groceries

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Edited to add, this is even more impressive when I back out the sales tax (yes, unfortunately I’m in Idaho and there is sales tax).  The truth here is that I was paid $2.01 to buy all of this food. I was paid money to buy food – how cool is that?!

Safeway Deals

I found a great deal!!

I went into Safeway to take advantage of a “Joint Juice” deal that is currently running…. No we don’t drink Joint Joice, however, it’s free and hubby takes glucosamine when he’s working out so we are willing to try it … read on.

Thanks to Krazy Coupon Lady, I found out about this great deal… First of all, I obtained 4 BOGO coupons.  I went into Safeway, bought 8 joint juices for $1.49 each which ended up costing me oop (out of pocket) $6.68… however, I received a $10 oyno catalina AND a coupon for $5 off 7 joint juices… well, let’s repeat this process only this time, using the $10 as cash.  So….

I got 7 joint juices at $1.49 each, used my $5 off coupon, added 5 aquafresh toothpastes (on sale for 88c/ea) and paid out of pocket 72c.

The Safeway store was now out of Joint Juice.  Since there is another Safeway store just a couple of miles away and in my driving circle today (in other words, I didn’t go out of my way to do this), I decided to take my 2nd $5 off coupon and $10 oyno catalina and see if that store had any in stock.


I decided to roll this one.. unfortunately this store only had enough for me to make 2 purchases, so that is what I did.

My first purchase I bought 7 Joint Juice’s at $1.49 each (plus a $5 off coupon) and 6 pop tarts at $1.49 each (plus (3) $1.00/2 coupons) for total cost oop of $3.59 (I had to buy 5 pop tarts to get the $1.49 price and my coupons were for 2 so I ended up having to buy 6, which is why my oop was higher than it could have been had the store had enough toothpaste in stock!!).  Remember, I got another $5 off coupon and $10 oyno so I used it again:

My second purchase I bought 7 Joint Juice’s at $1.49 each (plus a $5 off coupon) and 5 aquafresh toothpastes (on sale for 88c/ea) and paid out of pocket 72c.

And, I still have another $5 coupon AND another $10 oyno.

My total oop was $11.71 but I also have the $10 oyno so my actual cost was $1.71.  Not bad!  Sales tax edit:  $7.99 oop before tax.

I’ll be stopping by Safeway the next few mornings so I can continue to roll this catalina and make $4 every time I buy Joint Juice!  Hopefully tomorrow’s sale flyers will actually have some great sales at Safeway so I can get some awesome deals.

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