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Frustration sets in: the journey to debt free living has its downs and this is one of them.

Posted on : 15-06-2009 | By : The Wife | In : The Journey

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This is so frustrating… being so incredibly tight financially that we are not able to purchase even a $2 coffee at Starbucks without it breaking the bank. Don’t get me wrong, we haven’t purchased a coffee drink or other fast drink in months, it’s just that it is frustrating not having any, ANY, disposable income, not even 50c.

The part that makes it the most frustrating is realizing that honestly, we should be living like this all the time – very aware of the money we almost literally throw away. Mismanage is a better term.

The kids are not involved in any sports this year – we simply don’t have any money. We aren’t going camping or on any little excursions, they cost more than just hanging out at home. We aren’t involved in any extra events whatsoever. What we do have is spent on gas and groceries. Anything extra, if there is any, is saved for unplanned for things like: realizing the kids need another piece of curriculum to finish their schooling, the spigot on the house breaks, a child wants his bike repaired, etc. etc. etc.

Our refrigerator isn’t working properly and we need to replace it. The “computer” or “sensor” in our washing machine is malfunctioning. Sometimes it’s cleaning clothes, sometimes it’s not and in all cases, it isn’t spinning when it’s supposed to so clothes are coming out soaked. Plus, putting anything more than ¼ load in it is a death knell, it thinks it’s off balance, no matter how you arrange it. It’s a catch 22, do we spend several hundred dollars on trying to fix it or, do we go ahead and replace it with the washer we want: a front loader that holds more, uses less water and spins the clothes practically dry (thereby using less energy in the dryer)?

We have a tax return coming and it is frustrating knowing that we need to spend a chunk of it on a washer and refrigerator instead of paying off a high interest rate credit card. FRUSTRATING.

But wait. As I’m writing this, I’m remember something… it seems as though when you fully commit to something, things will happen to try to break your resolve.Hum… Fridge, washer, car (yeah, that is being ornery too)… well fine. As long as we do not go further into debt and buy needless things or mismanage our money, I’m just not going to worry about it.

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