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Enjoy your getting out of debt process. You have a life to live while you are going through it so stop beating yourself up and enjoy it!

Posted on : 16-06-2009 | By : The Wife | In : free activities, The Journey

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It’s funny how quickly we become attached to doing things that cost money. Bored? Then how easy is it to go to a movie, take the family out to dinner, run by the store and grab an impulse purchase.

One of the major life changes we want to make is to become much more active in our lives and this means getting out of the dull, boring, slothful, money spending options.

We recently moved into a new home. Our new home is in a great community and has access to a private community beach and park. Additionally, our new location gives us access to extensive paved trails that can get us miles upon miles of places, all on our bikes or walking/running. These trails give us access to dozens of parks and multiple beaches along the river and lake it’s all adjacent to.

This evening we actually drove (yes, tired and lazy) down to our community park and beach and relaxed while the kids played in the water (well, in the mud anyway, slightly too cold for a real swim session). It was very relaxing, the weather was gorgeous and we thoroughly enjoyed it.

Then what did we do? Came home and the kids camped out in the backyard and hubby and I watched a movie, one we already own.

This was almost a totally free afternoon/evening event. The only expense we had was the gas for the vehicle and electricity to run the TV and DVD player. A no cash outlay evening. Nice!

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