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They paid ME 19c for $99.25 in groceries!

Posted on : 16-10-2009 | By : The Wife | In : Groceries, Quotes & Affirmations, Quotes & Funnies

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Albertson’s paid me 19c to shop in their store today.  They gave me 19c and $99.25 worth of groceries.

Here are the results:


It takes some work, but it was so worth it.  It took approximately 30 minutes to plan out my shopping trip (multiple transactions are often required to score the best deals) and another 30 minutes to do the actual shopping.

There are things here I’ve never purchased before such as the cookie mix pouches.  I always make my cookies from scratch.  However, that still costs money.  I was paid to buy these today so I did.  We’ll be using them for nights when our small group comes over and for holiday plates of goodies.

The cereal is sort of a new thing in our family.  Because it’s expensive to buy normally and it just doesn’t fill any of my family up, I never really purchased it.  However, free food is free food and I am now using cereal as a filler food for meals.  My boys require so much food that FREE is a good thing.

Broth, again, free is a good thing.  Sweet rolls and crescent rolls – 2 served as yummy breakfast options this morning after a sleep over with a friend of theirs.  Crescents can be made into all kinds of recipes, most recently a stuffed taco recipe (yum!)

Outside of sales tax, Albertson’s and the manufacturer’s gave me 19c to shop at their store today.  My actual out of pocket for tax was $5.27 (plus the 19c they paid me).