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October 2009 Budget

Posted on : 12-10-2009 | By : The Wife | In : Away with the FAT, Uncategorized


In the interest of transparency . . . we are revealing our monthly budgets and actual spending on this blog in the hopes that you can learn from our mistakes!!

Remember, we are doing the zero based budget as taught by Dave Ramsey.

So, here is our October 2009 budget:

Income (including reimbursements) $4042.96
Tithe $416.00
Housing $1304.54
Utilities $0
paid ahead last month
Food $300
Transportation $701.12
Gas & oil $300
Insurance $86.58
Payment $314.54
Medical/Health $242.27
Medical Insurance
Personal $675.10
Freedom/Sinking Fund $180.10
Toiletries envelope $50.00
School tuition $325 (paid ahead last month)
Blow $20
Pet envelope $50
Hair envelope $50
Recreation $0
Entertainment/Netflix (paid ahead last month)
Debts $403.93
C. MC $5.00
CU. MC $5.00
US CFE MC $5.00
US CLE MC $252.93 (debt currently in line in the snowball)
H CFE MC $60
H CLE MC $60
Disney movie club $16 (past due, now paid in full)

FYI: there are several debts that we are in forebearance on (2 student loans and a private loan).  These debts will be “activated” once the credit cards and trailblazer are paid in full.

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Posted on : 03-10-2009 | By : The Wife | In : Away with the FAT, Debt Discussion, free activities, Free Finds/Yard Sale Finds, Giving, Groceries, Money, Political Thoughts, Quotes & Affirmations, The Journey, Yummy Frugal Meals


I had something set that required people to already be logged in to post a comment, which effectively turned commenting off for most people.  I apologize for that!  Comments are now open, enjoy!

Getting rid of the “yoke of slavery” means getting rid of all that enslaves me, including the F.A.T.!!

Posted on : 16-06-2009 | By : The Wife | In : Away with the FAT

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Oh yeah, that is a huge thing.  First and foremost, it’s not healthy.  I don’t care WHAT anyone is trying to promote: “loving the fat” is just plain bad bad bad.  Any extra weight on your body is bad for your body – all over.

So, instead of actually “going on a diet & exercise regime”, I’ve decided to train for a 1/2 marathon.  Now, it’s 11 months away, but my first step is a 5K in September.  What’s great is that I’m training with one of my sons and, my sis is training with me as well.

Goal? To run the 1/2 marathon in ?? time.  Why ??, because I have no clue what I should be running it at.  Right now, the idea of just finishing it is a goal in and of itself, but, as I train more and accomplish more, I’ll fine tune this particular area of the goal.

Benefit? Losing fat, getting fit!  Extra benefits? Being able to keep up with my kids, being able to do more things, having the energy to go on long hikes, having the energy to go camping more often, having the energy to work in my yard without being in pain, etc. etc. etc.

In other words, I no longer will allow my body to enslave me.  I will enjoy my freedom!