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Don't use coupons? Think you can't save money using... I wrote this in response (as a comment) to a comment quoted in a post on the Five Cent Nickle blog. ========================================================= Coupons are the single best way to...


Working with credit card companies - the good, bad... A few months ago we knew we were headed into "negative" territory on our bills.  A perfect storm of events were happening and we could see what was going to happen. In our efforts to work with our...


I paid 25c for all of this food.... 4 boxes of crackers 4 packages of cookies 2 boxes of cinnabon bars 1 hotwheel Had to throw the hotwheel in just cause I had a $1 left to "spend" from my freebie stuff!  How did I do it??? Albertson's...


Allowances, complications, compensating for chores...... It was with surprise and well, a bit of disgust that I was recently reading a plethora of comments on a financial forum I participate in about this very subject. Let's see if I can reiterate without...


Don't waste your energy on credit, you never need it... I love love love Trent at the Simple Dollar.  He has written for a while and has excellent advice, gives wonderful access to financial related resources and well, he's just an all around great guy (have...


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“A man is a slave to whatever has mastered him”

To overcome that which masters you is ultimate freedom and happiness.  Overcoming the burden of debt in our materialistic, consumer driven society is no small feat and frankly, it’s hard not to give into the temptation to have what others have.

However, we are reminded daily that we are working towards freedom.  Freedom from debt bondage, freedom from possessions controlling our lives, freedom from sin, freedom from slavery to others.

In June 2009 we began a journey towards ultimate freedom.  We have already received the freedom found in Christ Jesus and now we proclaim that freedom to overcome self imposed earthly slavery.  We journey towards complete freedom from debt.

This is a fully transparent, honest representation of our journey towards earthly freedom.  We bare our lives and our souls so that others can learn from our journey.